Game Cooks Release Trivia Board Game

Wael Nabbout
Sep 04 2014
Game Cooks Release Trivia Board Game
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Game Cooks, the acclaimed Lebanese game development house, have just announced the release of yet another title - their third for 2014 and eighth in total. Hard on the heels of Cubama, the office side project turned game of the summer candidate, the group is launching Haram Al Maarifa today, an arabic trivia game based on an 80’s popular board game by the same name. The project is the result of a collaboration between Game Cooks and the game’s original creator Naji Tueni.

Embark on a Trivia Adventure or Challenge Your Friends

In Haram Al Maarifa, trivia game fans and mobile gamers in general will have to put their knowledge to the test in art, history, geography, science, literature and sports. The game is split up into two modes. The single player Adventure mode - made up of 5 worlds, each containing 10 levels - challenges players to answer their way through a pyramid of timed questions. Reaching the top will complete the level and moves you on to the next one. And while you rack up points and build up your score, there will be valuable power-ups at your disposal along the way. Once the five worlds are unlocked, the player is able to purchase the 5 Golden Worlds to keep going in the game. Additionally, you can compare your score on the game’s cross-platform leaderboard with friends and fellow gamers.

The other Challenge Your Friends mode allows for multiplay. By logging in through Facebook, you are able to go head-to-head with friends or random opponents in a timed battle of wits. Each challenge contains 10 timed questions. Once both players have finished playing, the result is displayed along with the winner. If you happen to be on the losing end, you get a chance to reclaim your honor using the one tap rematch button that quickly notifies your opponent of your intent.

About Naji Tueni

Haram Al Maarifa initially launched in 1987 and knew great success in the Arab world. Naji soon followed it up with Civil War two years later, a Monopoly type game based on the economics of war. His second creation, which was conceived amid Lebanon’s 15 year civil war, sought to explain how different parties make money in any civil war. Sometime after, in 2002, he launched Soccerball, a trilingual board game around Football. Naji Tueni was also in charge of developing many applications related to communication and the last app and website launched in September 2014 was Khoolood.

The new mobile version of Haram Al Maarifa will ensure that it becomes accessible to today’s connected generation. Game Cooks is also currently working on a version for kids. The game is available for download on both iOS and Android based devices.