10 Recommended Arabic Web Fonts for 2014

Nour Nasser Al Dean
Sep 25 2014
Digital Media
10 Recommended Arabic Web Fonts for 2014
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Arabic letters from Shutterstock


Hundreds of years ago, when Arabic script was in its heyday, there existed nearly 80 Arabic calligraphy styles that had an elegance so appealing that even non-Arabic scripts used them. Today, there are more than 500 Arabic fonts available for use, but more than 90% are unsuitable for reading Arabic text on web and mobile.

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For this purpose, and from my experience as the Founder and CEO at Typestage, I have compiled a list of Arabic fonts that are highly recommended for web and mobile use. Each of these fonts are designed for a specific purpose; there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to typography. The designs include a mix of Naskh style for text and Kufi Style for headings and short paragraphs. Some are hybrid fonts, which merge the two styles together. 

1. Nassim Font: designed by Titus Nemeth 

2. Nososs Font: designed by Otba Mushaweh

3. Colvert Arabic: designed by Kristyan Sarkis

4. Harir Font: designed by Bahman Eslami


5. Karim Font: designed by Tim Holloway


6. Greta Font: designed by Kristyan Sarkis

7. Abdo Line Font: designed by Abdulsamie Rajab

8. Droob7 Font: designed by Sultan Maqtari

9. Neue Helvetica Arabic: designed by Nadine Chahine

10. Nazanin Font: designed by Haghighi

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