Impact46 Announces Refreshed Logo and Branding

Jan 02 2024
Digital Media
Impact46 Announces Refreshed Logo and Branding
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Impact46, a leading venture capital firm in Saudi Arabia, announced today its new logo and branding. The company’s new logo reiterates the company's focus and commitment to the market and marks the launch of even more community initiatives that support the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"We are thrilled to unveil our new logo and branding, which showcases our drive, energy and commitment to evolve in the fast-paced financial industry," said Abdulaziz AlOmran, Founding Partner and CEO of Impact46. "Our new logo reflects the growth and development we've experienced, while also signaling our ambitious vision for the future."

Looking toward the future, Impact46 is poised to continue capitalizing on its successful track record as an industry leader while exploring new opportunities aligning with its strategic objectives. “We remain committed to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and supporting groundbreaking ideas that drive positive change in various sectors,” commented Basmah AlSinaidi, Managing Partner at Impact46.

The new logo features a triangle element represented in the "i" letter of the company’s name. The triangle, pointing upwards and to the right, symbolizes growth, moving forward, and positive advancement. The dark green color represents the roots of the company, symbolizing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In a nutshell, this logo perfectly captures the values and mission of the company, and shows its commitment to success and innovation.

To learn more about Impact46, please visit the company's website at or follow on social media channels, Twitter: @impact_46 and LinkedIn: impact46.