From Nano to Mega, and All In Between

Mar 11 2024
Digital Media
From Nano to Mega, and All In Between
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In today's digital era, influencers hold significant sway in marketing, connecting with diverse audiences and conveying brand messages authentically. Choosing the right influencer is vital for campaign success, as alignment with brand values and target audience can boost engagement, perception, and optimize campaign goals.


One key element to determine the right influencer is their following size. This decision can be eased by understanding the key strengths of each tier and better assess what objectives they can achieve.


Based on our experience and common benchmarks used to classify influencer tiers, we have categorized the influencers as per the below. However, these tiers may vary across different markets and categories and are not a fixed universal metric.


Nano Influencers: 10K – 50K followers

  • Have a genuine community of loyal followers who trust their recommendation
  • Can connect with their audience with authentic story-telling
  • Can be an effective way for brands to reach highly engaged potential customers
  • They typically have lower fees, making them a feasible option for smaller brands

Micro and mid-tier Influencers: 50K - 300K followers

  • They tend to have high engagement rates due to their genuine relationship with followers
  • They can promote authenticity and build a loyal customer base, as they are trusted by their community
  • Can maximize the use of the budget which makes them cost effective for brands
  • Great at selling and advocating for brands that fall into their area of expertise, and they are great in campaign amplification or as an always-on influencer marketing approach


Macro Influencers: 300K – 1M followers

  • Able to create high-quality and engaging content
  • Can establish brand credibility and legitimacy due to their following
  • Able to influence purchase decisions and drive conversion, including the use oflink stickers and promo codes
  • Can be partnered with on a tactical campaigns
  • They have experience working closely with brands and usually know how to identify key selling points of a product or service in their own voice

Mega Influencers /  Celebrities: 1M+ followers

  • These influencers are professionals in creating high-quality content for the brand
  • They are role models perfect at driving traffic to a certain location due to their higher reach, which makes them the ideal go-to for events or in-store activations
  • Can improve brand recognition and develop a strong brand association, making them great for TVC’s or shoots
  • Create fast impact and quick customer conversion
  • They have strong brand association which is great for brands looking to communicate a certain brand image or personality


Ultimately, it is crucial for brands to carefully consider the influencers who best align with the brand’s campaign objectives, including the tier, as this ultimately affects the campaign results and budget. Whether the brand is a startup or an experienced player in the game, understanding the different tiers of influencers and their points of strength can help brands make informed decisions to deliver the best results for their campaign.



 By Nadine Salameh, Campaign Director at Brand Ripplr


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