MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Business Plan Competition Final Award Ceremony

Wael Nabbout
Jun 27 2012
MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Business Plan Competition Final Award Ceremony
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The winners of the 5th MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Business Plan Competition will be announced today during the Final Award Ceremony.

For the 3rd and final round, the teams have been narrowed down to 14 (out of 50 from the 2nd round) and will present in front of a jury for a chance to win 50K.

Below is a quick summary of the finalists whose product or service is web related. Exclusive interviews will follow soon! Also, let us know which one is your favorite in the poll below.


Acadox is a fully arabized online platform for academic professionals which combines academic, social and professional aspects. The platform includes an interactive course manager, full with course discussions, submission & grading system; a portfolio manager for tracking student progress; and a community social hub where users can interact and share news and knowledge.


Brate is a social network and a local search engine that searches the entire universe of businesses businesses based on their products and services regardless of their category. Consumers can then use Brate as a one-stop solution to find businesses of interest without having to search multiple sites to collect the necessary information. On the other hand business owners can use Brate’s advanced business intelligence to identify early trends using live analytics.

Tawasal – Connect [VIRA]

ViRA is a relationship manager that helps its users build and maintain connections that matter. The service aims to add a human touch to an already cluttered, decentralized and unmanageable social web by aggregating and organizing connections from multiple social networks and suggesting ways to interac with important relationships.


The first online gallery and professional community of Arab artists in the MENA region. eArtVolution offers users virtual exhibitions, including contests, electronic auctions, varnishing days and sales events, in addition to social networking services devoted to artists where they can exchange ideas or work.

GenieTag Inc.

GenieTag is a cloud based platform that unites loyalty programs and social networks using radio-frequency identification technology.

Palestine Outsourcing Company (POC)

POC provides high quality specialized, integrated and scalable online digital content solutions targeting specific industries such as content development, localization with real time translation of news to media providers and Arabisation of master planning, architectural and heritage projects.

Presto Wireless

Presto Wireless software uses innovative technology to bond multiple connections together and balance the load enabling wireless data users to experience dramatically faster transfer speeds and higher availability and reliability. Presto Wireless was the winner of ArabNet 2011 Digital Summit’s Ideathon competition.

Qabila Media Productions

Qabila is a media content creator that capitalizes on crowd-sourcing and social media by allowing the community to choose, evaluate and contribute to the production of content in an engaging and interactive way.


SilGenix is an integrated circuit design company that specializes in on chip power management. In the past 3 years, the company had developed a technology that lowers power consumption in microchips that will enable cell phones and laptops to double their operating time.


TeeksForGeeks utilizes cutting edge cloud based computing to technologies to provide on demand access to virtual computer labs.