AdTech Jargon for Newbies

Monica Elias
Jun 07 2019
Digital Media
AdTech Jargon for Newbies
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AdTech has become critical in targeting, reaching and engaging consumers as well as driving sales. Brands, agencies, and publishers are adapting their strategies to be in line with the latest trends and technologies in the advertising scene.

As this year’s Arabnet Beirut will be celebrating 10 years of innovation, digital business, and entrepreneurship in the MENA region, the event will feature the Ad/Edge forum, powered by Arabnet and ArabAd, where industry leaders and executives from the advertising world get the chance to debate state-of-the-art technologies, consumer behavior, and the structural changes that are reshaping the industry.

Such talks will highlight many ad tech jargon leaving newbies and onlookers to the industry feeling excluded from the conversation. If you feel you would be as such during the event and no longer want to pretend to know, but would really like to know what all these fancy acronyms and names mean, then this glossary is right in time to save the day.

The Ad/Edge forum’s topics and participating industry leaders could be found on our website.

Hurry up and register to attend the 10th edition of the Arabnet Beirut conference!