Arabnet Beirut
June 12-13 2019


  • Technology in marketing has become critical in targeting, reaching and engaging consumers – and driving sales. Advertising campaigns are increasingly powered by data: brand-collected, agency and third-party. Additionally, Influencers continue to play a key role in the marketing value chain, with 94% of the brands, agencies, and retailers finding influencer marketing beneficial, according to Liniqia. Ad/Edge tackles how brands, agencies, and publishers are adapting their strategies to keep up with cutting-edge technologies and consumer behaviors, and the structural changes that are reshaping the industry as a result.


  • Content Marketing - Recipes for Success

  • Challenges & Pitfalls in Ad Fraud & Brand Safety

  • Brands Bringing Advertising In-House

  • Debate: Advertising Content - Data vs. Creativity

  • Lebanon as the MENA’s Advertising Production Hub

  • The Role of Agencies in Enabling eCommerce

  • Influencer Marketing Case Studies

  • New Monetization Strategies for Publishers

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