WIMO Raises $500K in Seed Funding Led by Dubai Angel Investors

ArabNet Team
Jan 22 2019
WIMO Raises $500K in Seed Funding Led by Dubai Angel Investors
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WIMO, delivery logistics platform enabling companies to automate their logistics operations and deliver a better customer experience, has landed $500K in seed funding led by Dubai Angel Investors (DAI) and other regional based prominent angel investors.

WIMO was founded in 2017 by 2 software engineers, Wissam Aboueida and Mohamed Bahaa, and has offices in Dubai and Riyadh, with regional expansion plans. They both teamed up to disrupt existing legacy systems used by most ecommerce, courier companies, as well as traditional logistics and distribution company units.

Wissam Aboueida, CEO of WIMO said, “WIMO was designed with 2 main objectives in mind: easy-to-use software and logistics automation. Companies from different industries face daily challenges in managing their last-mile ground teams. To date, leading courier companies and retailers are relying on excel and outdated clunky and complex systems to manage their day-to-day operations. Last mile delivery costs still make up at least 30% of total revenues. WIMO is here to change that by embedding more automation and reducing total costs for a business to run their logistics.”

He added that since launch, WIMO has crossed 3 million deliveries via the platform and on-boarded many prominent enterprise clients across UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“With this new funding, we are very excited to work with DAI to expand our presence in Dubai and Riyadh and expand our engineering team to enrich our platform with better automation and enterprise capabilities. WIMO provides a low-touch plug and play solution to cater for last mile teams and perfect end-customer experiences,” concluded Aboueida.

Tarek Amin, cofounder of Dubai Angel Investors said, “As an investor, we’ve been very selective about the companies that we have backed, we are confident that WIMO has a winning team and a fantastic game-plan to help Enterprises remain competitive and keep their costs down using the latest logistics automation and best user experience and design practices. We are excited to support them in bringing the platform to further companies in the region.”

Mohamed Bahaa, CTO of WIMO, said, “We are excited about the 2019 outlook as we continue to on-board leading couriers and retail clients on their digital transformation roadmap, actively optimizing their customer journey and process automation.”