Meet the 2018 Ideathon Finalists Heading to Arabnet Riyadh

ArabNet Team
Dec 06 2018
Meet the 2018 Ideathon Finalists Heading to Arabnet Riyadh
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Sponsored by NCB for the 4th consecutive year, the Ideathon competition aims to showcase the best of regional entrepreneurs with great ideas to an enthusiastic crowd of investors, incubators, media and digital professionals, and connect them with the latest developments in the digital world.

This year, 10 finalists (and 3 runner-ups) have been chosen to take the stage for a chance to win up to $2500 to help convert her/his idea into an up-and-coming startup. The selection was based on the following criteria: value proposition, target market, competitive advantage, business model, and innovation.

Make sure you register to the largest Arabnet Riyadh event yet and watch your favorite ideas on stage.

Meet the Finalists

Tatbiq Mahzouz

Entrepreneur: Abdullah Aljaber – Country: KSA

Tatbiq Is a Survey App that collects users’ reviews regarding a service or product provided by the organizations interested to their views.


Entrepreneur: Elias George Ghandour Maalouf – Country: Lebanon

Hjizli is an intelligent AI scheduling software that manages your appointments.


Entrepreneur: Fahad AlRifae Country: KSA

Mishwari is a platform that collects all the various transportation services in one place. The user can choose among them according to cost and location.


Entrepreneur: Khalid Ali Almarhabi – Country: KSA

Naghris is a smart platform that helps educators instill core values in youth.


Entrepreneur: Layla Al Refaee – Country: KSA

Rado is an app used to read CT and MRI images allowing radiologists to accordingly give medical reports.


Entrepreneur: Mohammed Naveed Iqbal – Country: KSA

BLITZ is a mobile application that allows users to save time on walkable distances by ordering scooters for their small commutes.

Easy Buying & Investment

Entrepreneur: Muhammad Ashraf – Country: KSA

Easy Buying & Investment is a platform that provides investment opportunities to multiple parties; the general public becomes an investor, can buy EMI, and get businesses.


Entrepreneur: Naeem Mansour Mansour – Country: KSA

CamArt is an online platform that gathers professional photographers in one place for people to use their services.


Entrepreneur: Sara Alelaiwi – Country: KSA

Robo-Wash is a robotic window cleaner able to reach different surfaces from edge to edge. People will no longer have to worry about high, out of reach windows.

Smart Stroller

Entrepreneur: Reeham Alharbi – Country: KSA

Smart Stroller is a mobile application that helps parents rent smart strollers anywhere they are.

Meet the Runner-ups


Entrepreneur: Eman Saed ALjahni – Country: KSA

Tofli is a mobile application that allows parents to follow up on their children’s news, activities, and photos whenever they are away.


Entrepreneur: Ibrahim Almuqrin – Country: KSA

Mosawir allows users to book any professional photographer in a short period of time.

Money Transfer

Entrepreneur: Wasan Adel Alrashed – Country: KSA

Money Transfer is a mobile app that facilitates money transfer processes.