Announcing the Finalists of Startup Demo and Ideathon for ArabNet Beirut 2014!

Beirut Digital District
Feb 13 2014
Announcing the Finalists of Startup Demo and Ideathon for ArabNet Beirut 2014!
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With every round of our signature entrepreneurship competitions, we re-affirm our belief that the region has a rich stock of innovation waiting to be mined and explored.

And like always, we received many brilliant ideas and startups to our Startup Demo and Ideathon competitions, but as the rules of the games dictate, we have to narrow down the selection to 20 finalists and 10 runners-up.  

The finalists will get the chance to present their ideas and startups in front of more than 600 thought leaders and industry experts from across the Levant region during the ArabNet Beirut 2014  this March 4-6 at Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel. In case any of the finalists wasn’t able to make it to the event, the runners-up will take their place.

And now, with butterflies in our belly and drum-rolls in our ears...we announce the names of the finalists and runners-up! Congratulations...

Startup Demo Finalists

  • Mahmoud Ghoz from Rawy
  • Yasser Hasasan from LimonTaxi
  • Ahmed Saad from Crowd Analyzer
  • Nassib EL Mourabet from Fashion Encore
  • Nermin Fawzi Sa'd from
  • Sarah Appleton from Mini Exchange
  • Ismail Issa from Ta3rifah
  • Eman Battour from Smart Document Scanner
  • Abdelwahid A from Onyoway
  • Zineb Kaitouni from DabaDoc

Startup Demo Runners-Up

  • Elsa Aoun from Sohati
  • Basil Fateen from Kablaow
  • Mostafa Mahmoud from ShuGeek
  • Muqadas Javed Wattoo from
  • Firas Wazneh from MenaVersity

Ideathon Finalists

  • Michael Akhnoukh
  • Lara Zankoul and Rawan Nassar
  • Bilel Bouraoui
  • Hadeel Mohamed
  • Elie Eid
  • Lamia Raffoul
  • Abdo Achkar
  • Rana Hamandi
  • Rami Alameddine
  • Asem Abu Rajab

Ideathon Runners-Up

  • Tarek Sheikh Al Shbab
  • Nour Atrissi
  • Maya Terro
  • Abdalla Al-Zaghal
  • Mahmoud Wasfy