5 Apps to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Romeo Chalfoun
Apr 02 2014
5 Apps to Help You Find Your Dream Job
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Just like everyone else in society, job seekers and recruiters have found their lives disrupted by technology. A few years back, a resume and a job interview, and perhaps a good connection, were sufficient to land you a job. But this no longer stands true. Technology has increased competition by facilitating remote working and decreasing the dependency on human resources. Today, we change the equation by discussion how technology can be used to increase your chances of finding the perfect job. Below is a short list of our 5 favorite apps for job seekers on Android and iOS. 
There are many other great apps out there for people looking for jobs, so feel free to name your favorite.

Pocket Resume (iOS & Android)

A resume is not the only piece of information job recruiters look for, but it can be a valuable asset when those final minute alterations are needed. While you may find companies looking to hire a new recruit for the same position, different companies always have different needs, so they will be looking for diverse skills, tasks, expertise, you name it.

If you’re on the move most of the time, modifying your resume quickly may seem difficult, but that’s exactly the frustration that Pocket Resume eliminates: it gives you the ability to create, manage, and offer your details from anywhere. The iOS and Android app uses PDF rendering technology to make this not only possible, but easy as well; a real time-saver this one!

Bayt.com (iOS & Android)

This app is a simple representation of the popular job seeking and recruitment website Bayt.com. It lets you look for jobs anytime anywhere, and it’s the most popular and reliable app available  on iOS and Android in the Middle East to date. Notifications let you know as soon as an opportunity relevant to your skills is posted, and you get to manage your applications easily.

Any changes you do on your phone or laptop will sync to your Bayt.com account on all platforms. This app came in pretty handy when I was looking for a job myself, so make sure to put it to good use.

Monster.com Interviews (iOS)

Landing an interview is one thing, but nailing the interview is another; that’s what the folks at Monster.com realized before building their app. Many interviewers like to ask tough and sometimes weird questions to see how job candidates can cope under pressure.

This iOS app is the ultimate tool to help you get through the interview easily and fearlessly. It even divides the process into stages: before, during, and after you finish so you follow-up according to the result.

101 HR Interview Questions and Answers is a great Android app to nail those questions, but it doesn’t help you in different stages of the interview.

Visualize (iOS)

While having your profile ready on LinkedIn is a must these days, there’s no question a big chunk of text can look a bit dull at times… particularly when a job recruiter has become exhausted of looking at so many applications to filter the information his/her company is looking for. Visualize pulls information from your LinkedIn profile and turn your resume into a beautiful customizable infographic that pops out important information in a logical and colorful way. This app is currently only available on iOS.

PrinterShare Mobile Print (Android)

Few are the printers with wireless remote capabilities. PrinterShare Mobile Print has decent reviews on Android, and it allows printing of PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, GIFs, JPGs, PNGs, TXTs, contacts, call log, SMS, web pages and other content from your phone’s internal memory, SD card, or cloud drive such as DropBox or Google Drive. It's free to try, and it works on most major releases by Epson, Canon, HPO, Brother, Kodak, Dell, Lexmark, and Samsung.

Are there other apps you think should be included in this list?