Aviation is claimed to be one of the safest ways of travel which is made true by the effort of thousands of people through all stages of flight. Due to the complexity of the systems in play, any tiny mishap could lead to deadly catastrophes such as the Concorde 2000 crash which lead to the death of 113 people due to a tiny metal scrap that was left on the runway. This metal scrap fell from another aircraft that took off before the Concorde and it is called an FOD, foreign object debris. By law, it was mandatory that before each Concorde take off, a manual SUV patrol should be done on the runway to detect foreign object debris but that only time, it was not, because the aircraft was already on delay. This deadly catastrophe here highlights why such slow, conventional methods are no longer sufficient enough to keep up with the increasing demand for safety. Oreyeon is an A.I company developing solutions for the aviation industry with one of its products being an A.I solution that helps airports detect FODs on runways using any camera.


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