Betela or Petal is an innovative and effective job hunting program to find and match candidates with professional skills and organizations in need in recruiting stage. This innovative method is inspired from “Parachute hiring Approach” with its demand that you do an inventory of who you are and what you love to do, before you set out of your search for (meaningful) work, helps you take advantage of the opportunity that this interruption presents.

Betela helps young people find their feet and thrive against the odds. We get them doing real stuff through challenging placements. We prepare them for work by giving them the skills employers really want. We make hiring process easy, fun and rewarding. All the while, they're making vital contributions to their community.

Young people are our greatest assets - they will shape our future. Betela helps develop the potential of young people by unleashing passion, strength, confidence and transferable skills within the next generation of leaders. All through online challenges.

Supporting young people to be work-ready is more crucial than ever. A quarter of a million of those have been unemployed for over a year. Recent graduates might seek unpaid internships to get a leg up, but skilled professionals largely expected to burnish their résumés on the job. Unpaid challenging work got a line at the bottom of a résumé. They signed up for short-term projects with one milestone or task. More than that, though, the challenges helped him on their job interviews in two ways, it shows them that they don’t have to have someone on their shoulder, but here they’re meeting people who have a passion for what they do, and that trickles down to them. They don’t feel bad not getting paid because it’s been really exciting experience. People working in technology, marketing, design, communications, event planning and various forms of consultant work can reap concrete career benefits from online challenging work.


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