Why Employer Branding Is so Crucial

Bayt.com, Contributor
Jan 17 2019
Why Employer Branding Is so Crucial
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If only there was a way to attract and retain top talent, reduce cost of hiring, as well as increase employee productivity, all at once and within a budget. Sigh, wouldn’t that just be great? But wait, there is a little something you could do! A little something called employer branding. Heard of it?

For those of you who haven’t, employer branding is basically the way your corporate image is perceived by your stakeholders, ranging from consumers to your own employees. Your employer brand can be moulded by various factors such as the way you go around things in your business to the way your employees are treated, all of which will ultimately lead to how your business is seen by others.

You got to build your employer brand and reap the benefits! Employer branding is basically the new kid on the block, it’s what’s “in” nowadays when it comes to recruitment. It should certainly not be overlooked, as it can bring with it a whole host of advantages that all businesses need, especially when it comes to talent acquisition.  

What are the advantages? You may ask, and do you even need them? Are they even worth it? Well, Bayt.com are here to help you discover that by preparing a list of advantages that employer branding can provide you as an employer.

Okay, so what has employer branding got?

The Pull Effect: Build Your Brand and Attract Top Talent

According to the Bayt.com Poll, Employer Branding in the Middle East and North Africa, 93% of MENA jobseekers research a company online before applying for a job. This study can emphasise the extent to which employer branding can make an impact on attracting the right kind of candidates when hiring.

Basically, most job seekers are going to stalk your company and make a decision on whether or not to apply based on their perception of your company. You’ll need to utilize employer branding to make a good impression. Does your company look like a place job seekers can see themselves being appreciated? Does it look like a place they can see themselves growing? What do you have to offer that other companies don’t?

Some companies just look like a nightmare to work at, or have little to no information available on them, which can certainly deter qualified job seekers, and thus leaving employers with piles upon piles of irrelevant and weak CVs to sift through. Everyone knows how much of a waste of time that can be. Not to mention how boring!

However, with employer branding, you can polish your company’s public image in the eyes of all stakeholders. But most importantly, you can tweak your employer brand to compel certain kinds of job seekers that you are interested in and see as “fit.” For example, let’s say you’re an HR director of a bank, you’ll need an employer brand that is very professional, formal and commercial to coincide with the culture of a bank, and thus attract the right kind of jobseekers that are actually qualified and interested to work at such a place. Whereas, a job seeker looking to work remotely with flexible working hours and that can’t do math, even if his/her life depended on it, would probably find him/herself applying somewhere else. 

So you see how important and useful employer branding is, right? There are so many skilled peopled out there, some of which are so skilled that you’ll need a harpoon to pull that kind of talent in. No, not really, but you’ll definitely need an attractive employer brand. That’ll do the job just fine.

Did you know that you can seamlessly build and develop a sound and bulletproof employer brand online? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is possible with cutting-edge technology and software. Check out tools like the Bayt.com Employer Branding Platform, where employers can create their own personalised company profiles, which they can utilise to show off their company culture and brand

The Push Effect: Hire on a Budget

According to the same Bayt.com Poll, 79% of respondents agreed that employer branding can help “reduce long-term hiring costs.”

With a strong and polished employer brand, you won’t need to spend so much of your time, effort, and money on recruiting, as potential employees will be so interested and compelled to work at your company that they will apply naturally and willingly.

Also, with employer branding you can effectively target the right type of audience of job seekers with the right type of message that you want to get across to them. A Premium Company Profiles, where you will be equipped with a wholesome employer branding platform, through which you can target your audience as well as track their engagement, allows you to do just that.

Maintaining Momentum: Engage with and Keep Your Talent Aboard

Not only can employer branding refine the way your company is perceived on an external level, but also internally. According to the Poll, 9 in every 10 respondents claim that online employer branding helps “increase talent retention rates.” This study by Bayt.com can help shed light on how much of an influence employer branding can have on your current existing employees.

A sound employer brand can certainly make your employees feel proud and pleased to work at your company, as it can give them some sort of personal or even social validation to work at a reputable company. As a result, this can heavily increase employee productivity, motivation and morale, and thus create value.

Also, employees that are generally happy with their jobs tend to talk about it to the public, so there’s another way to increase your brand awareness and exposure in a positive way. A perfect example of a win-win situation.