HOPE life saving app


HOPE is an Aggregated Mobile Platform for Blood Donation Requests and Blood Donors, gathering different Social Networks blood requests in one platform.  

Hope has a unique method of communication with Donors even if they don’t have the application installed on their mobile using a simple SMS as an added feature for the application. Blood Requester can easily navigate and search the nearby Blood Banks registered in the system or registered Donors on a simple map, and easily post an SMS to notify them that there is a case nearby that need their support. 

HOPE has been selected of the 11 MENA Finalists in Innovation Tournament 2021 Abu Dhabi May 2013, and has been selected of the Arab World Social Innovators and Pioneers of Egypt for it's social impact.

We're currently moving to stage 2 of the project in February 2014, plans includes:

1.Moving the mobile application to the next level and adding much more features and enhancements.

2.Building one of the biggest blood health information portal.

3.Interaction with the Society by introducing the Social Rewarding System for the Donors with different Social Contributors.

HOPE is currently serving more than 22 countries and we're expanding our services to cover other countries with the new enhanced version.


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HOPE life saving app
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