COGNNA Closes $2.25 Million Investment Round Led by IMPACT46

Nov 13 2023
COGNNA Closes $2.25 Million Investment Round Led by IMPACT46
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COGNNA, a company specializing in cyber threat detection and response, has announced the successful
closure of its Seed investment round, exceeding $2.25 million. This achievement marks a significant
milestone as COGNNA becomes the first cybersecurity startup in the Middle East to secure investment in
this domain. The funding round was led by IMPACT46, with participation from Vision Ventures, Faith
Capital, and a group of investors.

Ibrahim Alshamrani, CEO of COGNNA, emphasized the importance of closing this investment round for
the company. COGNNA has developed innovative solutions tailored to the unique cybersecurity
challenges of the Middle East and North Africa. These solutions accelerate the detection and response to
evolving cyber threats while aligning with regional regulations and global standards. Alshamrani pointed
out that COGNNA's innovative solutions will address a gap in its clients' cybersecurity capabilities in the

Abdulaziz Alomran, Founding Partner and CEO of IMPACT46, anticipates ongoing growth in Saudi
Arabia's cybersecurity market due to national efforts by various entities. He noted that their investment in
COGNNA aligns with these ongoing efforts to support the expansion of the cybersecurity market.

Kais Al-Essa, Founding Partner and CEO of Vision Ventures, highlighted the positive impact of local
cybersecurity startups on domestic content, entrepreneurship, and investment in the Saudi market.

COGNNA, founded in 2022 by Ibrahim Alshamrani and Ziyad Alshehri, is one of the emerging local
companies that participated in the inaugural Cybersecurity Accelerator Program launched by the National
Cybersecurity Authority in August 2022. COGNNA, utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced data
analysis to detect threats in customers' systems and networks, thus contributing to the mitigation of
evolving cyber threats.