Awaed: The First Commission Free Stock Trading Platform in Saudi Arabia

Aug 11 2023
Awaed: The First Commission Free Stock Trading Platform in Saudi Arabia
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Awaed announces they will begin to offer trading in the U.S. equity market, to consolidate its position as the first Saudi trading platform licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority that provides a distinguished and unique user experience without charging commission.

As stated by the CEO of the company, Adel Al-Ateeq, "Today we announce the launch of Awaed in its new form as a financial company that provides a group of qualitative products and services, through which we seek to optimize the investment experience, and make it easier, clearer, and accessible to everyone with no additional burdens."

He also added, "In the first phase, investment and trading services in U.S. stocks will be available to citizens and residents of the Kingdom with the opportunity to expand to other financial markets and to be available for trading in a number of countries in the region."

The Awaed platform is a digital financial platform for multi-asset investment in various markets. It is the First Saudi Platform to sign directly with Nasdaq to receive real-time U.S. market data from Nasdaq Basic data, which includes quotes and last sale data from all U.S. exchange-listed securities, via Nasdaq’s Cloud API.

The platform has also achieved two awards in the fund sector as the Best Investment Platform and the Best Innovative Fund.