Taref Alshammari


Note( this is an invention) it has a Patent from the U.S

Patent No: us 14/144,072


A fishing device including a lure body portion, a plurality of pH sensors, a water immersion sensor, a closed rigid container containing pressurized content and connected to the pH sensor, a balloon of a predetermined size, connected to the closed rigid container, a trackable chip configured to provide the location of a caught fish within a predetermined geographical location and a plurality of emitters connected to the sensors and configured to emit different predetermined signals. This device improves fishing by significantly reducing the use of energy and time. Once a fish digests a fishing capsule the pH sensor detects digestions and the water immersion sensor stops detecting water the closed rigid container will be activated, and the pressurized content will inflate the balloon inside the stomach of the fish causing it to float to the surface.  


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Taref Alshammari
Saudi Arabia
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