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nabnee | نبني is a platform about architectureinterior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. We provide design consultants, interior designers, contractors and finishing suppliers a space to showcase their works (gallery & business directory). This way they can establish an  online presence the easy way & reach more potential clients. People who are about to start the journey of designing & building their own houses can find a source of inspiration, information & knowledge to plan the journey in an easy & convenient way. We connect those people with designers, contractors & finishing suppliers. We also write blog posts about the design & construction with some information & tips. We actually saw a need for such a platform as there is a lack of such platforms in Arabic. A platform to feature local MENA house designs. The platform is available in Arabic & English. We are hoping to make a success in the Omani market & then expand to the neighboring countries.   


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nabnee | نبني
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