There are plenty of articles being published every single day on different platforms. Sometimes you might get lucky and have your hand on a rich content article and other times it's just a waste of time. is a smart initiative that started in September 2018 by 2 passionate professionals. The idea behind it is to create a project management culture and provide professionals a monthly collection of top articles written based on a specific theme chosen each month. The goal is to build a database of top articles written on specific topics in which professionals can refer to whenever they need this information. Moreover, these articles are verified and filtered among a huge bank of articles. You can also reach to the author and connect as we provide their contact after taking their consent. The platform has the articles categorized to make as per the reader's choice, thus making it more entertaining and friendly. Finally, the platform gathered more than 150 professional authors from different geographical locations. This diversity gave access to taste knowledge from different perspectives, working environments, and cultures.


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