Technology is all around us; it’s on our phones, homes, and life. All these inventions wouldn't be possible without programming, as it's the core of every technology in the world.

Recent research revealed that software programming is the highest in demand in the job market, and the fields for implementation are endless.

Online education has become the disruptor in how we learn new things. People are reaching out to the internet to learn about anything and everything.

With the lack of Arabic content on the internet and the barrier of languages. Moubarmij is the ultimate platform providing high-quality educational programming content in the form of video tutorials in the Arabic language.

We believe that everyone should have the chance for an education, any education, no matter what language they speak or don’t speak.

There's no good quality and up to date Arabic content on the Internet for Tech people. People in the Arab world struggle with the English language whenever trying to learn something. We've received many emails from Arab people asking for Arabic content for Programmers.

To learn how to program, you must learn English first. That's a big problem for a considerable number of Arabic speakers planning to learn to program today. Those Arabic programmers of any level, suffer to find quality and up-to-date programming tutorials and content in their native language online. is an e-learning platform that provides professional programming tutorials in Arabic.

The platform provides programming courses in the form of sequential screencast videos (recording of the computer screen with audio). Each screencast demonstrates a particular skill or knowledge in programming.


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