Back is a moroccan media dedicated to new and future moms and to every moroccan woman. Our aim is to provide thme with strong content that could help them in their mom's, wifes, women journeys. We have build 2 strong communities through our social media accounts with 2 brands : COCOON BABY and COCOON BEAUTY, each one has its own target and content. While engaging our communities with our content, we offer to partner brands to produce special content for them and broadcast it in our media and social media pages, channels...Thus, they could with this "native content" reach a 100% engaged and "ready to consume their content" target. I love to say : we welcome new woman on our pages, and make them eat, sleep and wear to get teadr for our brands... this content is thourgh videos , articles, and posts. More pages are planned to come very soon , each one of them will be aimed to reach a different target and thus specific brands. To complete our offer of pushing products or services for our brands in our network , we 're building a strong platform to make our community test and approve the products and services. 1st initiative in the Arab countries to come by Mid 2018.


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