Arabnet Beirut
June 12-13 2019

The Academy

  • The Academy is dedicated to entrepreneurs and innovators who are looking to hone their skills and develop their products. A series of hands-on workshops will tackle a wide range of skill sets around entrepreneurship, marketing and fintech.


  • Points to help startups raise VC money

  • Pitch Perfect: key components and skills for every investor deck

  • Managing Human Resources and Hiring for Startups

  • Legal Tips for Startups

  • Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Robo-advisors

  • Video Marketing on a Tight Budget

  • Using Analytics to Optimize the Customer Journey

  • Setting Marketing Objectives and Measuring KPIs

  • Advertising tools to define, reach and convert your target audience

  • Programmatic Advertising / Growth Hacking Marketing

  • Basics of 3D Printing

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