Wajbati is hyper-local environmental social enterprise with the main mission to reduce  the food waste, the main concept is to link the customers via the Wajbati App with delicious food that would otherwise be thrown away at a deal price, Whether it’s a local cafe or a high-street restaurant chain The Wajbati can help to decrease the daily wasted food.

The Wajbati is an App which allows eateries that produce surplus food to sell it at their end of service, generating revenue on food that would have otherwise been wasted, it plays the role of the link between customers and surplus food availability.

The App can be used by both parties eateries and customers, restaurant owners can control daily portions availability, the collection timing, and get daily sales report to prepare the sold meals, in the other side customers can access daily check their favourite eateries, buy their meals at a deal price, once done they receive a receipt mentioning their restaurant name address and the  time of collection, they head to the restaurant at the indicated time to collect, show the electronic receipt, redeem it collect your meal and Enjoy it!!!



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