The Advisory Company


The Advisory Company is a B2B White Label Roboadvisor Provider. A roboadvisor is online automated investment advice. The user, by answering 7 multiple choice questions, will get a recommended customized portfolio (15% in US Large Companies, 8.5% in Emerging Market Bonds etc...), and he will be able to invest on the spot. Roboadvisory is a highly growing market abroad, expected to take over 10-14% of Assets Under Management by 2025. However it is still exclusive with only 1 in the Middle East, 1 in Latin America, 1 in Australia, 1 in Africa and 8 in all of Asia. The Advisory Company is looking to commoditize Roboadvisory around the world. We will be selling our product through a perpetual license agreement along with a monthly update and maintenance fee.

We are currently in a transition phase as we are looking to start prospecting clients in February, with the network already established. We currently have a working Minimum Viable Product. Therefore we will be applying for both competitions (Startup Battle, and Ideathon), please advise which competition would be more suitable.


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The Advisory Company
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