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Arab e-content in the MENA is not quite up to western standard. Connectivity B2B is a challenge.

Search in MENA helps companies in creating a new channel attracting clients online and to build a network of products & services for Arab enterprises in the MENA region starting now in Dubai.

This is done through a marketplace/portal that provides a tool how to discover & locate products,services and companies. 

The target is companies in all sectors in the MENA region.

The business model is based on subscriptions where companies can subscribe to Search in MENA’s B2B database and is allowed to advertise their companies.

In the UAE there is currently only little competition. The competitors to watch are Kompass and Alibaba. 

Search in MENA wants to use its first mover advantage, user-friendly product and focus on Arabic to win clients in the region starting in Dubai. 

The B2B search tool helps audiences to find the name of the company, the product or service quickly, in addition to the category tool which is useful in segmenting products further into sub products or services.

There are three main products. The basis version is free. Any company can sign up to be listed through a highly automated process.

If a subscriber needs customization then the subscriptions are the right answer: The main products are yearly subscriptions of 300$ or1000$ for the golden membership. Additional products include, Ad words, B2B TV, & a wide B2B database.