Is an online application that is used by smart devices android and iPhone, to order the grocery from supermarket near the customer, where the customer can choose the supermarket in which he prefers shopping through it and buy his favorite grocery, and choose the appropriate delivery date & time between more than one day delivery.

The use of the iMoneh application allows to the customer to order his grocery at any time appropriate to him, scheduling the process of delivery through the application, with the possibility of cash on delivery and online payments methods through Visa and MasterCard.

The iMoneh App also helps to view the latest offers from the preferred supermarket for the customer at the best prices.

With the help of the iMoneh App, there will be another application called iMoneh GO for delivery of orders. Through this application, the order will be received by Freelancer drivers or Delivery companies, for purchasing the grocery and delivering them to the customer's doorstep.

iMoneh application will be linked to the participating Supermarket, where there will be commission percentage of sales on each order, plus other profit sources from delivery, advertising.

There is also a third application for the supermarket called iMoneh Pro , This application helps the supermarket to manage its products, check all orders that have been requested, and respond to customer orders. 


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