BonApp is a Masdar City start-up helping the F&B industry tackle their food waste. With our real-time mobile app, F&B providers reaches customers directly. This helps them manage non-peak and odd hour demand with dynamic pricing, optimize revenues, actively avoid wastage, stock up shelves and increase normal sales, clear storage space and attract new customers as well as up-sell existing customers. So how does BonApp work? With a few clicks, any food provider can post deals of food they want to push, still fresh and before its expiration date. Customers download the app for free and can buy good food at reduced prices, and at the same time, they rescue the food from ending up in the waste bin. We can all feel good about ourselves reducing food waste and contributing to a smarter and more sustainable city. We take a 20% commission on sold items, borne by the seller. Sellers are restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. Since 1st Feb, we’ve helped 100 restaurants in Dubai to increase revenues by 70,000+ AED, sell 2500+ meals, which equals to 800 Kg of food, engage with 8,000 new customers, reduce 1,540 CO2-e Kg from entering into our atmosphere and increase brand value by showing commitment to sustainable practices. The idea of selling discounted food through a mobile application is not new - BonApp is unique in the sense that it uses real time technology to instantly match F&B providers food with customers. Moreover, we stand out with our mission to reduce food waste. Mindsets globally are changing, and customers care more about being responsible consumers – BonApp wants to lead this change – and make both food providers and customers feel good about themselves in contributing to a healthier environment.
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