Digital Kuwait Under One Roof
October 7-9 2018

Media and AdTech

  • Brands and businesses are experimenting with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, data / analytics and Internet of Things to enhance customer experience, improve efficiency and drive sales. Influencers continue to play a key role in the marketing value chain, with 94% of the brands, agencies and retailers finding influencer marketing beneficial, according to Liniqia. Meanwhile, data driven marketing is growing rapidly, with new GDPR regulations and customer backlash making this more complex and sensitive for advertisers to navigate.


  • Influencer Marketing: Understanding The Difference Between Micro-Influencers and Mega-Influencers

  • From Chatbots to Automation, AI Enhancing Customer Experience

  • GDPR Compliance in the Middle East

  • Advertising Content: The Powerful Combination of Data and Creativity

  • Online Video: What's next?

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