Arabnet Beirut
June 12-13 2019


  • According to ArabNet Business Intelligence, regional funding to fintech companies hit over $250M between 2012-2018. As the impact of technology on financial services deepens, banks are adopting new strategies to stay innovative, and partnering with fintech startups to develop and deliver new service offerings. Finverse will explore the latest trends and opportunities in fintech and banking innovation, diving into chatbots and Roboadvisors, big data, blockchain, and the practical opportunities available for banks and financial services providers.


  • Fintech new trends and innovation

  • Banking Innovation and Digitization in Lebanon

  • Fintechs: Best practices for collaboration with Banks

  • Tackling Cyber Threats in Banking Digitization

  • Building an Ecosystem for Fintechs to Thrive

  • The Rise of Challenger Banks

  • Chatbots and Roboadvisors: Case Studies

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Case Studies

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