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December 10-11 2019

Developing the Mind of a VC: Angel Networks and Individual Investors

  • The Masterclass will take you on a journey through the investment process, from deal sourcing to post-investment value growth and exit, looking at strategies successful Angels use to minimise and manage risk, maximise likely returns, and best help new companies reach their full potential.


    Date and Time: Dec 10 at 10:30AM - 1:00PM (including break)




    Overview of Angel Investing

    Introduction of Instructor 

      Introduction to Angel Investing

    ·         The Future of Angel Investing

    Developing a personal investment strategy that optimizes returns / minimizes risks

    ·         Setting your investment philosophy and Criteria for Success

    Identifying the best candidates for investment (it’s not just about a great business)


    Technical Aspects of Strategic Angel Investing

    Tips and Tricks for better / faster screening and due diligence – what really matters?

    Valuation – a balance of science and art, and the reality of Unicorns

    The Critical Investment Terms to Protect your Investment Value

    Why the Capital Model of an investment is key to success


    Post Investment

    Post investment – often under considered – but where the value is created.

    Exit Strategy – why essential, its impact on the entire exit process and  how to build one that works

    Practical Session

    Startup Pitches





  • Overview of Angel Investing

  • Technical Aspects of Strategic Angel Investing

  • Post Investment

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