Connecting the Kingdom
December 10-11 2019


  • According to Arabnet Business Intelligence, regional funding to fintech companies hit over $250M between 2012-2018, and based on KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech, global fintech funding reached $111.8B end of 2018. As the impact of technology on financial services deepens, banks are adopting new strategies to stay innovative, and are partnering with fintech startups to develop and deliver new service offerings. Finverse will explore trends in fintech, rise of challenger banks and cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the customer journey, as well as the next wave of innovation in digital payments. It will also dive into some of the strategies that regional banks are creating to compete in the digital banking era.


  • Trends in Fintech: What's next

  • Credit Scoring and Price Risking in the Age of Big Data

  • Opportunities in Insurtech

  • The Race of Digital Payments: The Next Wave of Innovation

  • The Rise of Challenger Banks

  • Lessons from Global Fintech Hubs

  • What Strategies Regional Banks are Creating to Compete in the Digital Banking Era?

  • Tackling Cyber Threats in Banking Digitization

  • Open Banking and APIs

  • Cutting-edge Technologies Transforming The Customer Journey

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