Lebanese Innovation Economy Tech Startups 2018 Report


This report is a holistic study utilizing a mixed-methodology approach while analyzing the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

First, the research measures the perceptions of Lebanese tech startups regarding the challenges and opportunities facing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The survey targets owners of tech and digital startups with a working product or service based in Lebanon. Second, the research incorporates roundtable findings. The roundtable, conducted in Beirut in 2017 and titled “Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, consisted of industry stakeholders and decision makers. It focused on measuring the impact of Circular 331 and evaluating market opportunities. By combining the findings of the quantitative startup survey and the qualitative roundtable findings, the report aims to highlight the gaps and strengths of the ecosystem. The study also aims to guide vested stakeholders to make more informed decisions in their investments, programs, projects, and policies.
  • 65% of startups
    raised seed amounts, highlighting the fact that a large portion of deals in Lebanon remain in their early stages.
  • 80% of startups
    claim that the need for ecosystem support motivated them to apply to accelerator programs.
  • 46% of startups
    mention that they have received ecosystem support such as mentorship in marketing and pitching and 40% received access to workspaces.