Kuwait Innovation Economy Tech Startups 2018 Report


Kuwait, just as the rest of the GCC, is moving away from an oil-dependent economy and towards a knowledge and innovation centered future. The Kuwaiti government has been increasing its efforts in encouraging and supporting the local entrepreneurship ecosystem by modernizing its economic framework. The Kuwaiti economy boasts high levels of openness to international trade while demonstrating monetary stability. Thus, this holistic research utilizes a mixed-methodology approach for analyzing the Kuwaiti entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

  • 39% of Kuwaiti startups
    raised one to two rounds of funding.
  • 72% of Kuwaiti startups
    believe that marketing, media, and comm skills are easily available.
  • 67% of Kuwaiti startups
    confirm easy access to mobile broadband services.
  • 88% of Kuwaiti startups
    mention referral marketing as a key challenge to attracting new business.