Making furniture from old boats and ships. No wonder many entrepreneurs, when asked about sources of inspiration and new ideas, are advised to travel more, look in all directions and communicate with new people. Sitting in one place, we rarely see anything new. We rarely meet new people. We are rarely charged with new useful information. When we travel the world (or at least our own country), we, one way or another, encounter new people. We see new opportunities around. And our brain is full of fresh interesting thoughts. And, who knows, maybe one of them can be a source of inspiration that will lead us to a new promising business idea. Something similar happened to the heroes of our today's publication. They worked in the office for a long time. But then, at one point, they spat on everything and went on a trip. And this trip was the beginning of their joint business project. The idea that was born during the trip Some bring from the trip a good tan, a sea of ​​impressions and mountains of souvenirs, and some - promising business idea. The heroes of our publication - Jan and Katya - were ordinary Muscovites. No, unlike many others, they had a good job, a constant high salary and so on. Ian worked in the oil and gas industry, Katya - in the investment department of a large company. That is, they lived quite well. Even good. They didn't like only one thing - routine. Office work is not for everyone. Many simply can not stand the constant control of superiors, the same uninteresting tasks every day. And all this is complemented by eternal traffic jams, lack of personal life, and so on At one point, the children decided it was time to change something in life. At first they found interesting hobbies. Ian started making decorative wooden screens. Katya painted in the evenings. Developed - each in his own direction. But this was not enough for them. And then they decided to just "tie" with work and go on a long journey around the world. The purpose of the trip is to put the brains in order, relax and find the same idea that would determine their future activities. Having collected savings and sold unnecessary things, the children gathered everything valuable and set off. First they visited Ossetia, then Georgia, then moved to Turkey, and then went to the mysterious India, which excites the imagination. Next was Sri Lanka, then Indonesia, the island of Bali. And here Ian and Katya saw what they set out for - furniture from old boats. Continuing their journey, three months later the children returned to Indonesia. The goal is to learn more about boat furniture. Future entrepreneurs liked it so much. But here they faced another difficulty - none of the sellers knew exactly where the unique furniture from the boats. Someone suggested that the manufacturer is somewhere on the island of Java. It took a long time to find the mysterious manufacturer, but as a result, it was found. Not only did he agree to supply ready-made interior items, an agreement was also reached on the production of new furniture items from boats and old ship's boards according to the sketches of Yana and Katya. This is how the new brand Like Lodka appeared. Production and sale of furniture from boats The value of furniture from shipboards and old boats - in their durability and unique appearance. Given the fact that the boat or ship is in constant contact with water, for their production using only the highest quality and most durable species of wood. During the service, any watercraft is repainted many times. Sometimes in different colors. As a result, old shipboards have several layers of old paint. After a little "peeling" the material, you can get very interesting color options. In other words, boat furniture looks very exotic. The boat furniture production process looks like this - boats and ships are disassembled into boards and sent to the factory to the manufacturer. There the boards are processed, sorted by size, texture and color, collected in sets of color combinations. And then - from these blanks are made furniture. In the first four months of work for the company Like Lodka was created about 70 different types of furniture. These were tables, cabinets, chairs, shelves, chests of drawers and the like. The first batch of furniture from boats cost children 1.5 million rubles. All the cargo was sent to a container in Moscow, where it was already waiting for the first customers. The cost of unique furniture in our country is quite high. The chair will cost a little less than 30 thousand rubles, for the rack will have to pay from 60 to 90 thousand. The closet will cost about 50 thousand, and the table - about 30 thousand rubles. At the moment, Jan and Katya are working to expand sales channels. To do this, they plan to open offices in the regions.


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