Panel: Content in Streaming Platforms: The Rise of the Rivals

As consumers have shifted their media habits from owning content to subscription streaming, major media companies are investing aggressively in online broadcasting services. In streaming VoD alone, revenue is expected to reach US$28B globally by 2023, with the entrance of Disney+ shaking up the market, and new concepts like Jeffrey Katzenberg’s billion-dollar startup Quibi (with vertical and horizontal video formats) expected to change the way users consumer video.  In the music industry, streaming platforms are generating a revenue of $4.3B, which represents 80% of the music industry’s overall revenue according to the Recording Industry Association of America.  The gaming industry has also developed a massive streaming video opportunity: the Esports global market is expected to cross $1B by the end of 2019. According to Kenneth Research, global live game streaming market will grow at a CAGR of over 19% by 2019-2025. The massive market opportunity is attracting new entrants and rivalries are in full force, putting producers -across all verticals- on the tip of their toes to keep their audience hooked. This panel will tackle the strategies streaming players are using - from audience engagement to monetization - as well as insights on the how the streaming market is expected to develop in the near future.


Amin El Husseini, Head of Mobile Products, MBC Group
Elie Abou Saleh, Vice President - GCC, Anghami
Juha Koski, Co-Founder, Itcher
Lars Silberbauer, Head of MTV Digital Studios, Senior Vice President at Viacom
Raghida Abou-Fadel, VP Sales & Business Development, STARZPLAY

Moderator: Richard FitzGerald, Founder and Managing Director, Augustus - Publishers of Lovin Dubai & Lovin Saudi