Khansa Abu Naji, Managing Director, Meshbak Design Studio
Samar Alshorafa, Co-Founder, She is Arab
Emon Shakoor, CEO and Founder, Blossom


Career Finding:
Nouf Al Dakhil, Senior Project Officer, Misk Art Institute
Walaa Shaheen, Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft


Leadership and Management:
Lama Rmeilly, Director, PWC
Amany AlShawy, Chair of Women Program, KACST
Areej Al-Wabil, Executive Director, IP Enablement at the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property


Corporate Growth:
Amal Dokhan, CEO, Global Entrepreneurship network 
Dana (Horska) Labin,  Chief Investment and Innovation Officer,
Asmae Lemniei, Innovation Advisor & Managing Director, Lean X Consulting