Panel: Word on the Street: How to Create Engaging Content for the Saudi Audience


As marketers, our sights can never sway too far from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is for obvious reasons, the prime market for most brands. Yet, it seems that creating branded content which Saudi audiences can relate to and enjoy is a feat which continues to elude many brands and marketers alike. Enter Jawwy Action Royale. How did we manage to create such a successful show? Simple enough: A clear vision primed with local talent. The secret is to trust local talent, for they know the words, and they know the audience.


Andrew Williams, VP - Communications & Social Media, Jawwy
Nidal Bou Hamdan, Senior Art Director, FP7
Omar - MAX HD, Content Creator and Youtuber
Shadi Almihmadi, Brand Partnerships Manager, AlFan Group

Moderator: Robert Nammour, Branded Content Director, DMS