Panel: New Monetization Strategies for Publishers

Publisher monetization has become an industry-wide riddle, as growing digital revenues still don’t make up for the loss of traditional ad income.  Struggling publishers are running to grow their distribution channels, develop multimedia offerings, publish directly on social platforms and keep up with their changing content algorithms.  At the same time, publishers must now have robust data collection, analysis and monetization strategies, while carefully managing consumer privacy and data protection. 
However, it appears to be more than just about digital tools. Publishers are now revamping their business models and introducing new services such as subscription, content creation, native advertising, events and even going for e-commerce. This session will explore the new monetization strategies that publishers are pursuing, the lessons they have learned in implementing these new strategies, and the outlook for the media / publishing industry in the coming years.


Carol Matta, Native Advertising - Product Director, DMS
George Skaff, Regional Sales Director, ConnectAds
Oliver Woodley, SVP and Commercial Director - Middle East and Africa, Vice

Moderator: Rita Makhoul, Director of Insights, ArabNet