ArabNet Cairo Conference

19-20 October, 2011

Smart Village, Cairo, Egypt

ArabNet is organizing a not-to-miss 2-day digital conference in Cairo, Egypt!

This is an opportunity to access one of the two largest markets in the region, and be in the presence of 40 renowned speakers exploring the latest trends and issues in the web industry.

ArabNet Cairo will involve 600+ attendees, and include the Ideathon and Startup Demo competitions, discussion panels, keynotes, world-class networking, and specialized workshops.

Featured Speakers

Announcing ArabNet Cairo: October 19-20

ArabNet is excited to announce its first-ever conference outside Lebanon, ArabNet Cairo, taking place on October 19-20, 2011. With online markets burgeoning and a wave of entrepreneurship sweeping across the region, we are excited to expand our network of events to include local conferences in a number of the region’s ...


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Main Venue

Information Technology Institute
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Ofok is a NGO, working on a self sustainable model and taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by the development initiatives taking place worldwide. Ofok stands for "Horizon" on the Arabic language, summarizing the passion toward creating a brighter future, delivering a message of Hope and Change to communities through strengthening one of the main development pillars; Education, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as tools to spread and facilitate knowledge accessibility.
Endeavor Egypt is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to spur Egypt’s economic growth. Endeavor Egypt is part of a global movement that catalyzes long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Supported by a strong network of high profile Egyptian business leaders, Endeavor Egypt provides high-impact entrepreneurs with services, connections and strategic advice, enabling them to unleash their full potential.
Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system-changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems.  Since the office opened in 2003, Ashoka Arab World (AAW) has supported over 60 fellows working in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia, and we are actively searching for and targeting social entrepreneurs throughout the region.
Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM), in Arabic meaning the Renaissance of Egypt, is an Egyptian non-profit non-governmental organization (NPO/NGO) founded by Egyptian young professionals in November 2003. NM seeks to make a positive and lasting impact on Egypt’s cultural, economic and social development through activating and engaging Egyptian youth in the country’s development, public engagement and decision-making arenas. NM achieves this through building a strong sustainable organization whose core program “The Incubator of Innovative Social Enterprises” would act as a vehicle for social innovation. NM was acknowledged as the sole incubator for early-stage youth-led social enterprises (the Social Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, April 2010, Brooking Institution) and as a best practice NGO (UNDP Human Development report, 2008). Over the past eight years, NM has created an ecosystem to foster social innovation in Egypt and to support social entrepreneurs develop and build their social enterprises Through its incubator of innovative social enterprises, NM hosts social entrepreneurs, and incubates their social enterprises by providing capacity building and seed grants. Over the past years, NM has developed strong capacity, knowhow, staff, and capabilities to support social enterprises, and is currently incubating more than twenty active social enterprises in the areas of youth development, arts and culture development, health services development, the environment, linking education to employment, scientific research and development, and preparing emerging young leaders and development practitioners. The NM incubator addresses a wide community of youth, students and other beneficiaries throughout the country.
TechWadi is a Silicon Valley-based non-profit organization building bridges between the United States and the Arab world to promote entrepreneurship and foster economic development. With deep roots in California’s technology community, TechWadi has evolved into a powerful global platform for cooperation and collaboration. Our activities are focused on entrepreneurship education, mentorship, and financing – connecting business leaders and investors with the next generation of innovators in Arab world.
AUC is a leading educational institution in Egypt committed to provide high quality educational opportunities to students from all segments and one of its focuses lies in the promotion of entrepreneurial education and endeavor in Egypt and the Region. The School of Business has a focus on professional programs and is widely recognized for its high quality programs. The School of Business established a new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP), officially launched on October 26, 2010, to help realize the school’s mission ‘to create an environment that fosters the development of principled and innovative business leaders and entrepreneurs who can make a difference’. The program aims at creating a healthy entrepreneurial environment inside AUC serving Egypt and the region at large to educate students as to what entrepreneurship is and infuse them with the desire to create and innovate, by connecting them to venture capitalists, angel investors and mentors.
INJAZ is a volunteer-based education program with a mission to inspire, empower and prepare Egyptian youth, enhancing their opportunities to join the job market as qualified employees and entrepreneurs. Since its establishment in 2003, INJAZ Egypt has impacted 147,813 Egyptian students in more than 167 schools and 11 universities in 19 governorates with the help of volunteers from private sector companies and in partnership with the Ministry of Education.
Community Partners
Egypreneur is a grassroots movement for entrepreneurship in Egypt, establishing a business association to brand, network, support and credit positive entrepreneurs in Egypt and participate in solving Egypt's major problems. Egypreneur is reaching its arm to entrepreneurs looking for support and establishing a support system from different entities offering value to entrepreneurs. For an ecosystem led by entrepreneurs as well, Egypreneur reaches out to entrepreneurial entities, organization, activities and events taking place in Egypt to form a more solid ecosystem. Original, creative, consistent, focused, inspiring and sustainable, that's how we work on developing entrepreneurship in Egypt.
YES, "Youth Empowerment and Success" is an Egyptian non-profit organization that mainly aims to give a new chance for a new life for youth everywhere: locally, nationally and even internationally. We empower undergraduate and post graduate students to make a difference today while realizing the full potential they have to create a better world as the entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow. YES sets the stage for life-changing leadership experiences that equip new generations of leaders with knowledge and skills to develop more sustainable enterprises and stronger communities. But just as importantly, we ensure that these leaders form a deeper sense of commitment to the community and world around them - and realize just how far-reaching their influence as leaders can be.
Entrepreneurs’ Society is a student-organized society that was founded in 2003 in an attempt to tackle the attitude of students’ hesitation to start new businesses. We believe that universities shape the minds and skills of their attendees; therefore, we took the initiative upon ourselves to develop and enlighten our future’s well being, through empowering, fostering and developing the youth in becoming the seeds of the future and tomorrow’s leaders. Our aim is to spread entrepreneurship awareness and foster entrepreneurial spirit among AUC students and among the Egyptian youth. Hence, forming a Human Development standpoint, ES aims at providing professional and vocational trainings to nurture the skills of the AUC community. ES also holds various Social Entrepreneurship initiatives that contribute positively to the well-being of our society.
Ubuntu-eg is doing whatever it takes to advocate Open Source philosophy and spread Ubuntu on one hand and strives, to help technology awareness grow in Egypt. Our goal is to market Ubuntu and help people integrate the technology and migrate from other operating systems and technologies. We conduct frequent trainings on how to use Ubuntu, Organize installation festivals and events regularly to introduce Ubuntu to the community.
Business Community Partner
Zawya is the leading online business intelligence provider focusing on the Middle East & North Africa, enabling nearly 1 million professionals worldwide to find and connect to the right business and investment opportunities in the region. With unique content and tools including detailed company profiles, timely aggregated news though Zawya-Dow Jones, leading industry and asset class research, an exclusive online network, and direct access to a team of 40+ experts covering most sectors, Zawya provides its users with the intelligence they need to conduct business in MENA. Headquartered in the UAE, Zawya has physical presence in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the USA. For more information, please visit
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Wheels Express is a web-based delivery company, specialized in under one hour delivery services. Outsourcing goods and services make us the ideal third party entity to serve our customers with the best local services, while providing them with the luxury of placing their orders at their own convenience.
Media Partners
"Al-Masry Corporation" is an independent Egyptian media organization founded in 2003. With its first issue released in 2004, Al-Masry Al-Youm is considered to be the top distributed newspaper in the Egyptian market, adopting an independent and moderate editorial policy, a transparent and professional framework, as well as an accurate and impartial reporting with emphasis on expert analysis. “Al-Masry” also broadcasts news around the clock through its online portal, utilizing various mediums such as video, audio, images and text messages in its news coverage. It also provides citizen journalism and utilizes all interactive tools to communicate with its members. Accordingly, the site becomes a reflection of the Egyptian social fabric in accordance with twenty-first century media.
Founded in 2008, Tech World news portal spreads technology news and information to Arabic readers. It has become the home of more than 30 authors who write about tech news and also offer tech-related tutorials. Tech World has won awards such as the first prize in the 2009 Arabisk Awards and the second prize in the Hadeel New Media Awards.
Swalif Soft was established in 2000 and has since become the premier Arabic website for those interested in the internet industry and web design. Visitors have contributed successful ideas, learned about website development and eventually established successful websites of their own. Swalif Soft is a prime source for information on web technology and design that is professional and trustworthy.
IT Scoop is a technology news website that publishes industry news but presents it in a simplified style, free of unnecessary complications, and written in clear standard Arabic. The site was launched in early November 2009 by a group of technology enthusiasts from across the region, mostly from Algeria, but also from Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. IT Scoop is committed to providing accurate news that has been fact checked against multiple sources and carefully edited before being published.
Masrawy Portal provides a variety of news content and videos channel. Plus it includes services as Classifieds, Food Delivery, Mail, Hosting, Games and many other valuable services. Masrawy Portal, the first and largest Egyptian portal, is currently one of the biggest Arab Web sites specializing in news All type, whether political or economic, sports, science and technology in Egypt and the Arab world and the Middle East and the world as well as it contains many bilingual channels.
Amwal Al Ghad is an Arabic-based monthly magazine ; Continuous publication began under supervision of the chairman and editor in chief Dina Abdel Fattah , a well-known economical journalist who has many years of experience. Amwal Al Ghad, also offer to the readers faster channels of news coverage like its news portal ( and weekly economic e-magazine. Those digital News Channels offer to viewers Free economic news service that covers economy, Banks, investments, stock market, and all other related financial sectors. is one of the pioneer sites in the Middle East presented in Arabic and specialized in the hardware, software, programming, operating systems, and certificates fields. The site provides these field’s latest news and developments as well as the coverage of the important events plus discussions between the members of the site’s forum about each field in order to exchange experiences and public interest which contributes greatly in the development of culture and knowledge of the forum’s members in these fields. is the leading user-generated platform that serves 13,500 advertising and marketing professionals across the Gulf, Levant and North Africa through its digital products (web and mobile), annual digital media events including the mediaME Forum, and through the Who’s Who series of publications. offers comprehensive industry news, creative, jobs, company info, media rates, research reports, events info, a classifieds section and much more. mediaME’s leading advertising medium welcomes strategic partnerships with marcom companies wishing to reach its niche audience.
KIPPREPORT is the Middle East’s first online-only business magazine. Updated throughout the day, KIPPREPORT promises to be home to new business thinking from the Middle East. KIPPREPORT understands business in the Middle East is in the process of major change. Markets are opening up, monopolies are breaking down, and the opportunity for new business ideas has never been greater. Entrepreneurs, innovators and creative thinkers will drive the next great push in the region’s economies. KIPPREPORT hopes to reflect the colour and dynamism of business today. It will profile the personalities, companies and strategies that will change how we see business in the Middle East. It will be a forum for business-minded workers to discuss innovation and best (and worst) practise. Content-wise, it will be daily stream of news, analysis, opinion, slideshows, podcasts, and the best in business-related video.
dotmena is a premium online network of more than 40 websites with over 300 million impressions per month and 14 million unique users. With operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) covering business, marketing, communications, sports, women’s interests, lifestyle and entertainment, dotmena is positioned to become one of the leading Ad networks in the region. dotmena focuses on long term strategic relationships with partners rather than short term and tactical strategies. Offering a five star service, dotmena is strong – with a stable of established media, Mediaquest Corp. has leverage in the market; transparent – business deals are transparent and open; accountable – results are measurable against key performance indicators; and respectful – treating partners equally and valuing the image of their brand.
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