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  • Optimize your skills at the Founder day with 15+ hrs of workshops!
  • Discover the latest with over 80 speakers across the world
  • Connect, Network, and Showcase within a 1,200 sqm exclusive setting
  • With over 200 Startups graduated to date; you can be next!

Digital Transformation Forum

Technology is rapidly transforming vital sectors such as Retail, Healthcare, Travel and F&B through solutions that help enhance customer experience, improve services and products, and optimize performance and efficiency.. ArabNet Beirut will feature a full track of discussions about the best practices for digital transformation across sectors and the opportunities for innovators in different industries.

Media and Advertising Forum

Brands and agencies are striving to adapt to the rapidly changing interests and habits of consumers in the digital age. ArabNet Beirut will explore how to leverage technology and new media to deepen engagement with today’s connected consumers. It will also feature leading brands in discussions on new trends and technologies in advertising, media and marketing. The event will also feature a workshop track dedicated to advertisers and brands to hone in on the latest trends best practices.

Banking Innovation Day

The future of the banking sector is being shaped by competitive new technologies and evolving consumer behavior. ArabNet Beirut is hosting the second edition of the Banking Innovation Day, dedicated to the banking professionals, and covering the latest financial technologies impacting the sector - from blockchain to performance marketing to the future of retail branches.

Innovation and Investment Forum

More than $900M were invested in innovative MENA tech startups in 2016. ArabNet Beirut will feature investors from around the world highlighting the latest trends in the global technology sector. It will also discuss the rise of cutting edge technology innovation in Lebanon and the MENA Region, what’s needed to build capabilities among local talent to meet the needs of the digital economy, and how to expand businesses to new markets.

Founder Day

The Founder Day is dedicated to entrepreneurs and innovators that are looking to hone their skills and develop their products. The day features three tracks of hands-on workshops ranging from legal, financial and HR training for SMEs to sessions on product development and user experience.


ArabNet Beirut will feature 4 competitions to highlight emerging talent and innovators: The Startup Battle, which will select the top 3 startups from Beirut to compete against the best in the region at the Startup Championship in Dubai in May (and chance to win $20,000); the Ideathon, for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas; the Creative Combat, showcaseing budding marketing talents’ ability to develop unique online campaigns; and the Innovation Avenue, highlights hardware innovators.

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